Faculty Portfolio: Improving professional assessment and simplifying performance evaluation.

Our Story: How We Got Started.

Two of the creators of this program are full-time faculty members who still teach at the college level.  Todd and Jonathan have been through the promotion process, each promoted to Full Professor, and also have responsibilities to generate annual summaries to highlight their yearly achievements. After serving on promotion committees (to evaluate the work of those seeking promotion) and spending years dealing with the mountains of paper documentation, we were confronted with the question, could there be an easier way to organize and document all of this information?

We work at a school with over 400 full-time faculty and nearly 2,000 adjunct faculty. Imagine the amount of paper that we were receiving!  If an Instructor is expected to organize the last two years of their achievements for promotion to Assistant Professor, the candidate might be generating nearly 200 pages of evidence. You can imagine how much more evidence the applicant might generate for higher promotions. Imagine that evidence being placed into a three-ring binder that must be physically carried from place to place, and passed between committee members. You can infer that the process of moving physical evidence/information became a struggle in itself.  What if we could get faculty to move from the printed form of evidence to a digital form?  That was the seed of an idea.

Together we spent two years creating, writing, developing, fine tuning, and piloting this digital innovation of documentation we call Faculty Portfolio.  We are not only the creators of this program, we are also users of Faculty Portfolio.  We wanted to simplify this process for everyone involved.