Faculty Portfolio: Improving professional assessment and simplifying performance evaluation.

10 Reasons to Use Faculty Portfolio:

1. Savings to the college/university: Paper, toner, office products, staff hours, and time could be saved, and that translates to money!

2. Simplicity: The program has been written so that the organizing is done for you. You only have to upload evidence and write descriptions.

3. "Green" structure: You'll never need to generate even one sheet of paper. From each page of evidence to every signature required - all can be done completely online in this digital format.

4. Transferability: Faculty members can move their accounts from one school to another.

5. Accreditation: Middle States Standards require that schools seeking accreditation have up-to-date evidence regarding faculty. Instead of sifting through paper, reviewers can receive temporary access to the site.

6. Efficiency: The faculty member spends less time creating a binder of information, and the documentation process is more direct. It gives consistency to the review process, which requires less time for Administrators to evaluate any evidence that is submitted for review. All signatures are done online.

7. Flexibility: Any individual's evidence uploaded into the program can be used as part of a yearly summary, promotion exhibit, or curriculum vitae.

8. Customizability: The program can be altered to suit the specific needs within your academic evaluation structure.

9. Security: The servers used to safeguard your information are suited with industry-standard SSL certification.

10. Stress Reduction: Instead of stressing over paper documentation that that could be misplaced, lost, or stolen, faculty can rest easy because their information is always saved in the secure server.